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Faith-Hope-Change “Your Life Your Choice”

Faith-Hope-Change “Your Life Your Choice”

A Different Path's Mission
As a community-based nonprofit organization, A Different Path focuses on supporting the Greater Sacramento region’s historically marginalized communities.  ADP is rooted in the foundation of Faith, Hope, and Change. Our goal is to educate individuals and groups on topics surrounding mental health, and trauma experiences which affect low income and underprivileged populations that are possibly at risk. Our staff strives to ensure that trauma impacted youth, adults and/or families learn to engage in effective problem-solving strategies to ensure positive outcomes, increase emotional vocabulary, and self-awareness that contributes to self-esteem and self-confidence.
A Different Path's Philosophy
Your life is not defined by what happened to you, it is defined by how you let it affect you. “Your Life Your Choice” means you control the narrative of your story, you define how the world sees you and only you can advocate for you! We believe you always have the power to choose “YOU” in a healthy way. 
Commitment to ensuring that all individuals have access to community resources. 
Encouraging positive choices with support, active listening, and non-judgmental behavior to increase self-esteem and self-worth.
Role Modeling positive life choices for individuals including: students, parents, staff, and community partners by building trust and support.
Create a community that is driven on results and effectiveness to decrease social issues and increase awareness. 
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